Main partners are KITE edizioni, book and picture book publisher for children and young adults (publishing partner for 2019 and 2020 edition) and Book on a Tree, an editorial services agency focused on children books.

The award is also supported by Wacom, offering a special prize for the best digital-made artwork; also, Associazione Autori di Immagini (AI), italian associations of graphic artists, grants its patronage guaranteeing the contest’s correctness towards authors in aspects such as copyright, intellectual property, payment and so on.

KITE EDIZIONI Publisher for children, young adults and adults. Focused on top quality picture books.

Born as an indie picture book brand in 2006 from a project by Caterina Arcaro, in 2011 the publishing house, now well underway, entered the French market with the Passepartout brand. In those years Valentina Mai assumed the presidency, setting up a personal artistic vision on all editorial series, as well as adding anew. Her commitment goes to proposing, through the books she publishes, both a literary and an aesthetic experience, selecting authors and illustrators worldwide. Around fifteen new illustrated books are published every year, many of those translated and sold abroad, in more than 23 countries. Since its inception, the publishing house sees the hi-quality illustrated book as an opportunity, and an instrument to develop the cultural and emotional growth of readers of any age: children, teenagers and adults.


Creative and storytelling agency, making stories for children and teenagers, they offer all-round editorial and writing services, as well as development for IPs and digital contents. Founded in 2014 by Pierdomenico Baccalario, writer and author of many series and novels for teenagers (from his pen, international bestsellers like Ulysses Moore and Sherlock, Lupin & Io). The original idea from which BOT sparks up is that of a facilitating teamwork, in a relaxed yet culturally inspiring environment, made of well-established authors together with debuting ones, publishers, illustrators, editors, translators, screenwriters, without any role or hierarchical-based division, following the desire of creating their own little heritage of new stories and solid characters. An idea which, through the years, has become a well-recognized creative method, giving life to a working workshop based on collaboration ethics and on the values of professional friendship.

ASSOCIAZIONE AUTORI DI IMMAGINI (AI) Non-profit association, made and managed by art, comics and animation professionals.

Since 1980, the association supports graphic and illustration professionals and students, aiming at the recognition of professional activity for all graphic authors. Its focus is promoting its members and the whole category in front of the publishing, communication and general industry world. Goal of the association is to improve economic, legal and creative interests of image creators. For this purpose it offers information advice, including legal and fiscal advice on copyright, and support for every phase of the professional path. Its activities are based on knowledge and experience exchange, and on values ​​established in the code of ethics and professional conduct. AI is a founding member of the European Illustrators Forum (EIF), a coordination entity currently accounting twenty illustrators associations from fourteen countries, with the objective of tutelating and promoting the heritage of european illustration in the world.


Founded in 1983, Wacom is an international company headquartered in Japan with subsidiaries and offices around the world to support the marketing and distribution of products in over 150 countries. Wacom is the world’s leading producer of graphics tablets and interactive pen displays, as well as solutions for saving and processing digital businesses. The advanced technology of Wacom devices has been used to create some of the best known and most popular digital art, film, special effects, fashion and design creations, and provides all users – enthusiasts and professionals alike – with the tools to express your creativity. For more information on Wacom products: L’avanzatissima tecnologia dei dispositivi Wacom è stata utilizzata per creare alcune delle più conosciute ed apprezzate opere d’arte digitali, film, realizzazione di effetti speciali, creazioni di moda e design, e fornisce a tutti gli utenti – appassionati e professionisti – gli strumenti per esprimere la propria creatività. Per ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti Wacom: